Moulton, Wilfrid J.
1871-1924; e.m.1893

Biblical scholar, the son of Ebenezer Moulton (1835-1905; e.m.1859, a member of the Legal Hundred from 1901), he was born on 8 January 1871 at Dovercourt. He was educated at Preston Grammar School, Kingswood School and The Leys, where he came under the influence of W.F. Moulton (to whom he was not, apparently, related). He graduated from Clare College, Cambridge and then went to Headingley College, where he served for one year as sub-tutor and three years as assistant tutor. In 1903 he returned to Headingley as tutor in Old Testament Language and Literature and later in Systematic Theology. His Fernley Lecture of 1909 was on The Witness of Israel. From 1919 until 1924 he was Principal of Didsbury College, Manchester. He was appointed to the Legal Hundred in 1920, but died suddenly on 29 November 1924.