Flemington, William Frederick
1901-1991; e.m.1926

Born on 24 May 1901 at Barrowford, Lancs.,he was the son of William F. Flemington (1869-1933; e.m. 1895) and brother of Garrett H. Flemington (1906- 1973; e.m. 1931). He and his brother were the fourth generation of WM ministers. Educated at Liverpool College and Jesus College, Oxford, he was Assistant Tutor at Handsworth College 1926-1929 and spent most of his active ministry teaching at Wesley House, Cambridge, where he was Principal from 1955 to 1967. A meticulous scholar and administrator, he was humble and self-effacing. His major publication, The New Testament Doctrine of Baptism (1947) long remained the standard work. He died on 14 May 1991.

  • Methodist Recorder, 20 June 1991