Fletcher, George

WM local preacher, who claimed to be a centenarian born on 2 February 1747 and to have been at Bunker Hill in June 1775, but was probably baptized at Clarborough, Notts., on 15 October 1764. After working as a farm labourer, he enlisted in the Royal Welch Fuseliers in 1785, deserting in 1792 and re-enlisting in 1793 before being pensioned in 1803. He served in the 3rd Foot Guards and was present throughout the Egypt campaign of 1801. He then served with the West India Dock Company until 1839. As a local preacher he drew large crowds. He died in Poplar on 2 March 1855.

A portrait (based on a photograph) and an account of his life was published in the Illustrated London News on 10 March 1855, at which date he was purported to be 104 years old.

  • Oxford DNB


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