Nuttall, Enos
1842-1916; e.m. 1862

Missionary in the West Indies, born at Clitheroe on 26 January 1842, the son of a WM farmer. He became a local preacher at 17 and was accepted by the WMMS to serve as a missionary in Jamaica, where he arrived in 1863. He and the missionary secretaries back in London fell out over his involvement in the establishment of a Methodist high school at Kingston, with the result that, while still a probationer, he was accepted for Anglican ordination. He was ordained deacon and priest in 1866 and appointed 'island curate' of St. George's, Kingston. His work for the diocese was recognized by the award of a Lambeth BD in 1879 and the following year he succeeded Bishop Tozer as bishop. In 1892 he was elected primate of the West Indies and in 1897 assumed the title of Archbishop. Throughout his fifty years of service in Jamaica his special concern was for the educational, medical and other well-being of the local population. He died at Kingston, Jamaica on 31 May 1916.

His wife Elizabeth was the daughter of the WM minister Philip Chapman (c.1810-1843; e.m. 1836), a missionary in Jamaica. His younger brother Ezra Nuttall (1850-1915; e.m. 1871) served as a missionary in South Africa and was President of the South Africa Conference. Another brother Ebenezer Nuttall became an Anglican clergyman.

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