O'Sullivan, Seumas (James Sullivan Starkey)

Irish nationalist poet and essayist. He was the grandson of two Irish Methodist preachers, William Starkey (c. 1802-1847; e.m. 1830) and James Sullivan (c. 1798-1851; e.m. 1824). (The latter preached in Irish and wrote small books in Gaelic under the name Seumas O'Sullivan, the pseudonymn later chosen also by his grandson.) As editor of The Dublin Magazine 1923-58, he encouraged young Irish writers such as Samuel Beckett, Patrick Kavanagh and Mary Lavin, who started their literary career in its pages. He retained an affection for his Methodist upbringing, but saw himself as a 'Wesleyan' in his regard for the Church of Ireland. He died in Dublin on 24 March 1958.

  • J. Russell, James Starkey/Seumas O'Sullivan, a critical biography (Toronto, 1987)


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