Peters, Sarah, of London
? - 1748

A member of the London society, called by John Wesley 'a lover of souls, a mother in Israel'. She died of gaol fever on 13 November 1748, after ministering to prisoners in Newgate, and in particularly to a fellow-Methodist John Lancaster. He had lapsed from his discipleship and was convicted of stealing from the Foundery. She attempted unsuccessfully to obtain a pardon for him and accompanied him and others to their execution. Wesley wrote of her: 'During a close observation of several years I never saw her, upon the most trying occasions, in any degree ruffled or discomposed, but she was always loving, always happy. It was her peculiar gift and her constant care to seek and save that which was lost; to support the weak, to comfort the feeble-minded, to bring back what had been turned out of the way.'

  • John Wesley, Journal, 13 November 1748

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