Parker, James, CH

Trade unionist and Labour politician, born at Awthorpe, Lincs. He attended a WM school and worshipped at Brunswick UMFC after he came to Halifax in 1883. Finding employment first as a navvy and then as an engineering warehouseman, he became an active trade unionist and a leading figure in the ILP. He was MP for Halifax from 1906 to 1918 and lost the chairmanship of the Parliamentary Labour Party to Keir Hardy by only one vote. He was appointed secretary of the party in 1909 and junior Lord of the Treasury in 1917. On retiring as MP in 1918 he received the honorary freedom of the borough. He became a Companion of Honour that year and from 1918 to 1922 was MP for Cannock. He died at Halifax on 11 February 1948.

  • J.A. Hargreaves, Halifax (Edinburgh, 1999)

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