Patterson, Saidie

Trade union activist and peace worker. She was born (on 25 November 1904) and lived off Belfast's Shankill Road. When she was 12 her mother died in childbirth and she went to work in the Belfast Linen Mills. She became a leading fighter for women's rights in the linen industry. The advent of Northern Ireland's conflict led her back into public life as a founder member of the 'Women Together' peace movement. She was a person of strong faith who drew inspiration from Methodism and was for a time in Moral Rearmament. She was the recipient of the first World Methodist Peace Award in 1977. She died in Belfast on 16 January 1985. A commemorative plaque was unveiled on Shankill Road Methodist Church, Bekfast in 2018.

  • D. Bleakley, Saidie Patterson (1980)
  • Methodist Recorder, 20 April 2018


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