Peacefull, William
1810-1877; e.m. 1834

PM minister, born at Trench, near Wellington, Salop on 14 February 1810, into an Anglican family. At the age of 10 he was convicted of sin under the PM missionary James Bonser, but lapsed into a period of youthful misdemeanour until his conversion during a Watchnight service at Wrockwardine Wood PM chapel on 31 December 1830 or 1831. He became a class leader and, after moving to South Wales, a local preacher. In March 1833 he was appointed a Hired Local Preacher in the Blaenavon Circuit. Accepted as a full-time itinerant in June 1834, he was appointed to the Wallingford Branch of the Shefford Circuit, where he experienced the violent persecution being meted out to the PM preachers. He served until 1871 and died at Bilston on 27 February 1877.

  • Isaac Dorricott (ed.), Memorials of an Earnest Life, or records of the Rev. William Peacefull (1878)