Peake Memorial Lecture

The A.S. Peake Memorial Lecture is one of the public lectures held at the annual British Methodist Conference. The Peake Lecture honours the memory of Arthur Samuel Peake, and is financed from part of a memorial fund raised in 1932 after his death in 1929.

Plans for the annual Memorial Lecture were initiated at the time of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Peake's death. The first lecture was given in 1956 by Norman Snaith and the lectureship has continued on an uninterrupted annual basis ever since. Most of the lectures have continued the tradition of biblical scholarship which Peake represented, although some have treated themes in other areas of theological scholarship. Lecturers have included T.W. Manson, T.E. Jessop, John Kent, Kenneth Grayston, F.F. Bruce, Dennis Nineham, Barnabas Lindars, James Barr, Henry McKeating, Frances Young and Mary Grey. The lectures have generally been published, as a journal articles, as a pamphlet, or expanded into a book.