Platt, Dr Frederic
1859-1955; e.m. 1882

WM minister, born on 1 January 1859 at Horwich, Lancs. He was educated at Liverpool College and Durham University, followed by a brief period in banking. He taught at Didsbury College (1905-1910) and Handsworth College(1910-1916 and 1919-1925), where he became Principal in 1923. During retirement at Clevedon he co-operated with T. Ferrier Hulme in restoring the New Room as a Methodist shrine and served as its first Warden 1930-1945. He gave the Fernley Lecture in 1915 on Immanence and Christian Thought, and also published Miracles, an Outline of the Christian View (1913) and Certainty and the Christian Faith (1926). He died on 24 January 1955.

  • Times 25 Jan. 1955
  • Methodist Recorder, 27 Jan & 3 Feb 1955