Phillips, Peter

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Independent Methodist leader, born on 10 January 1778 in Warrington. A chairmaker by trade, at an early age he became a preacher and leader in the local Independent Methodist church. Part of his childhood had been spent in a Quaker home and he encouraged several Quaker practices, such as silent times of worship and the use of plain dress, so that his church was in its early days termed 'Quaker Methodist'. His views on unpaid ministry came from the same source. He visited and drew together other churches of similar character to form the Independent Methodist Connexion, of which he was regarded as founder. He was a close friend of Hugh Bourne and spoke at the first Mow Cop Camp Meeting. He pioneered Sunday School work, promoted the temperance movement and opposed violent means of social reform. His wife Hannah (née Peacock) (1780-1858) supported him and had a practical philanthropic ministry of her own. He died on 11 May 1853.

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