Roberts, Evan

A Welshman born at Oswestry, he became a WM c.1777 when he heard John Wesley and Thomas Coke preach in Liverpool. Moving to Manchester he was present at the opening of Oldham Street chapel by Wesley. Returning to Liverpool he helped to form the first Welsh CM society there, joining it for linguistic and patriotic rather than theological reasons, but later rejecting Calvinism for WM. In 1784 he settled in Denbigh, where he preached in Welsh and formed the first WM society in North Wales that was more Welsh than English in character. His success there determined the Chester preachers to bring the cause of Wales to the notice of the 1798 Conference, so that he deserves at least as much credit as Edward Jones of Ruthin for the founding of Welsh WM. He died on 12 December 1833.

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