Roberts, Joseph
1795-1849; e.m. 1818

Early WM missionary in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and India, the son of a WM minister of the same name. He was born on 3 February 1795. He served in Tamil areas in Ceylon 1819-1831 and became chairman of the North Ceylon District in 1824. After an interval in English circuits, he went out to India and became General Superintendent of the Madras District in 1843. He produced translations from Tamil and was on the Translation Committee of the Madras Auxiliary Bible Society. He published Oriental Illustrations of the Sacred Scriptures (1833) and a treatise on 'Caste and its bearing on Christianity and Missions'. He died at Palaveram, near Madras, on 14 April 1849. His widow Mary stayed on in India for another ten years to establish a WM girls' school at Royapettah, Madras.

  • Oxford DNB