Robinson, Thomas

Vice-President of the PM Conference, 1894, he was born at Larne, Ulster in June 1839 and spent his childhood at Glenarm. He went to sea at the age of 13 and soon became a captain. Moving to Paisley c.1858, he went into business at Hurlet. He was converted in the 1859 Revival that originated in Ulster and soon afterwards joined the PMs in Paisley. He was much involved in camp meetings (e.g. the Centenary camp meetings at Mow Cop in 1907 and 1910, as well as the Centenary Rally in the Victoria Hall, Hanley in June 1910). He began conducting Gospel Temperance Missions, was a Vice-President of the United Kingdom Alliance, and was the means of William Booth's first visit to Scotland. As a Liberal, he took part in Gladstone's Midlothian campaign of 1879-80, but declined to stand for Parliament and twice declined a knighthood.In World War I he had joint charge of recruitment throughout Scotland. He died on 17 February 1928 (or 1929).

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