Rowe, Dr George Edward
1858-1926; e.m. 1880

WM missionary to Australia, born on 26 August 1858 in Cornwall and trained at Richmond College. He served in South Australia; then in Western Australia, where, at the time of the gold rush, he organized spiritual provision for the mining camps. When they were swept by epidemics, he organized the 'Sisters of the People' to minister to the sick. In 1896 he established a mission to the Chinese in Perth. He was elected President of the Western Australia Conference when it was set up in 1900. In 1905 he became Superintendent of the Central Mission in Brisbane, Queensland, and under his ministry there the Church became a greater moral and spiritual force than ever before. He was a strong personality, a forceful and eloquent speaker and a great organizer. He died in Brisbane on 27 October 1926.

  • F.R. Smith, The Church on the Square

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