Rundle, Robert Terrill
1811-1896; e.m. 1840

Pioneer WM missionary in the Hudson Bay Territory, Canada, born at Mylor, Cornwall, the grandson of William Carvosso. He was one of four missionaries sent out in 1840 following an agreement between the WMMS and the Hudson Bay Company. During a successful ministry among the Cree Indians he introduced the Cree script invented by James Evans and founded an agricultural settlement to combat the recurring starvation among the Indians. In the course of extensive journeying he gained the confidence of the Blackfoot and other Indian tribes, but his Canadian ministry was ended by an accident in 1848. His work anticipated (but was eclipsed by) the RC missions which began in 1842, but it prepared the ground for later missionaries to the area. He died at Garstang on 4 February 1896.


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