Sadler, Bernard Charles, MBE

Ipswich builder, born on 27 December 1907. He became head of the family business, one of the largest building firms in East Anglia. The firm received contracts for many public works. Among the Methodist churches they built were Landseer Road (1955) and Chantry (1957) in Ipswich, Brantham (1960) and Elmsett (1962); also the modernization of Museum Street, Ipswich, where the family worshipped and for whose benefit a family trust was set up.. The firm was responsible for the extension to the cathedral at Bury St. Edmunds, for which he was awarded the MBE. Among his interests to which he gave active support were the YMCA, Culford School and The Martins MHA at Bury St. Edmunds.

He died on 16 October 1978.