Saville, Jonathan

Local preacher, born at Great Horton, Bradford. As an orphan he grew up in the workhouse and was lamed before seeking employment in Halifax in 1782. Convinced of 'the necessity of a change of heart' at a Covenant Service in 1784, he emerged as a powerful prayer leader during a period of revival in the 1790s, became an exhorter in 1803 and subsequently a local preacher, gaining inspiration for his sermons while working at his spinning jenny. A popular preacher at missionary and Sunday School Anniversary services, he was invited by Jabez Bunting to preach at a memorial service in South Parade Chapel for a Luddite killed in the attack on a mill in 1812. He was subsequently stoned when attending his class meeting, but escaped unhurt.

  • Francis A. West, Memoirs of Jonathan Saville of Halifax (Leeds, 1843)