Sayers, John Edward (Jack)

Legendary liberalizing editor of the Belfast Telegraph, Ulster's largest-selling newspaper, and one of its most remarkable journalists. He was born on 13 July 1911 in Belfast. He succeeded his father John Sayers (1879-1939) and uncle Robert Sayers (1898-1970) in an editorial dynasty lasting over forty years. He gathered round him journalists of calibre and established a paper which straddled the sectarian divide. Under his leadership it helped to sustain and mould a popular moderate consensus unique in twentieth-century Ulster. He died at Newtownbreda, Belfast on 30 August 1969. The Sayers family owed much and contributed much to the Methodist Church of which they were active members.

  • A. Gailey, Crying in the Wilderness: Jack Sayers (Belfast, 1995)


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