Scott, John
1792-1868; e.m. 1811

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WM minister, born at Copmanthorpe, York, on 16 November 1792. His early interest in overseas missions persisted and he was Treasurer of the WMMS 1852-1868. He was twice President of the Conference, in 1843 and 1852. His passionate concern for education led to his appointment as chairman of the General Education Committee in 1843. Under his dynamic leadership there was a rapid increase in WM day schools, but he supported state involvement in education. In 1851 he became the first Principal of Westminster College. His annual lectures on education were well received. He combined gifts of financial administration with theological insight and love of the trained mind with evangelical zeal. As administrator of the Auxiliary Fund he showed himself a wise, faithful and sympathetic friend of retired ministers and their widows. He died at Blackheath, London on 10 January 1868, being succeeded as Principal by James H. Rigg. His grandson, John Scott Lidgett, was named after him.

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