Sharpley, John Booth

Corn merchant and Methodist reformer, born at Louth. He became a local preacher in 1822. In the Warrenite dispute of 1835 he was an energetic reconciler of the rival factions. But in 1849, when the Reform agitation was felt in the Louth Circuit, he was its leading spokesman, was expelled from WM membership and gave himself to the establishment of the UMFC society. Over 600 members left to join the Reformers. They took over a former Baptist chapel and Sharpley celebrated the Lord's Supper there. By 1853 there was a Free Methodist chapel in Eastgate, where Sharpley worshipped for the rest of his life. In 1858 he published Louth Free Methodism Vindicated. He was three times mayor of Louth (1839, 1841 and 1854), a Justice of the Peace and an alderman.


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