Sharr, Francis John
1826-1891; e.m. 1850

WM minister, born on 5 March 1826 at Didlington, Norfolk. Coming from a farming background, he had little education, but at Didsbury College proved himself to be a diligent and widely read student. His notable gifts as an orator and lecturer were compared with those of W. Morley Punshon. As a preacher he was described as being 'expository, philosophical and evangelical in style, and tender and powerful in appeal'. His strength as a minister was pastoral rather than administrative, and he eschewed involvement in connexional affairs. 'All through life Mr. Sharr thought for himself and was a decided liberal.' He gave the Fernley Lecture in 1891 on 'The Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures' and died at Streatham on 5 December that year.

  • Biographical sketch in Life's Golden Thread (1892)