Shaw, George
1830-1903; e.m. 1852 or 1854

PM itinerant, born in Grimsby, on 26 September 1830. He served entirely in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire circuits and wrote over fifteen books. In many of his circuits, such as Bridlington, Filey, Hull and Scarborough, fishing was important to the local economy and this is reflected in such titles asA Night on the Deep and Scenes and Adventures on the Sea. While in the Filey Circuit (1864-67) he wrote a series of books associated with Filey, including Filey and its Fishermen (n.d.) and Our Filey Fishermen (1867). It has been suggested that his writings greatly helped Filey develop as a Victorian seaside resort, and under his ministry work began on the building of Ebenezer, the fisherman's chapel, opened in 1871 under his successor, Charles Kendall. Because of ill health he superannuated in 1886 to Grimsby, where he produced biographies of Parkinson Milson (1893) and John Oxtoby (1894) and a book on Old Grimsby (1897). He died on 20 July 1903.