Siebold, Margaret

Wesley deaconess, born on 15 May 1910 at Sutton, near Peterborough. She grew up in a Methodist household and, like her mother, became a local preacher. She became a teacher of History and English and obtained a degree at London University. She was involved from her early years in the Girls' League and was its secretary from 1943 to 1947. Accepted for the deaconess order in 1947, she trained at Ilkley and was the Old Testament tutor there from 1949 to 1959. She then became the travelling tutor in the Local Preachers' Department, transferring in 1962 to the Methodist Study Centre. Her ability to introduce people with no experience of study to the art of reading made her an excellent tutor in all these posts. She was also involved in the Methodist School of Fellowship and was one of a team assembled by Gordon Rupp to visit universities and colleges during his presidential year. In her retirement at Werrington, Peterborough she remained active as a preacher and local preacher's tutor and was involved in Network, Fair Trade and World Development. She died in Stoke on Trent on 27 June 2000, soon after her 90th birthday.

  • Methodist Recorder, 3 August 2000