Stanley, Jacob
1776-1850; e.m. 1797

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WM minister, born at Alnwick on 14 January 1776, the son of Edward Stanley, a slater who was a leading member of the local Methodist society and a local preacher, described by James Everett as 'a man of great simplicity of mind, easy in his habits, correct in his morals'. Moving with his family to London in his youth, he attracted the attention of John Pawson and entered the itinerancy in 1797. He was opposed to the dominant influence of Jabez Bunting and, with his brother Thomas (e.m. 1795; died 1832) encouraged James Everett to enter the ministry. A staunch Protestant, he was a strong opponent of what he called the 'arrogant pretensions' of Popery. He was President of the 1845 Conference and died on 5 September 1850.