Stinson, Dr Joseph
1801-62; e.m. 1823

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WM minister, born at Castle Donington. He was appointed to the Canada District in 1823, where he formed valuable contacts with both American and other colleagues. From 1828 to 1833 he served in Gibraltar. When the church in Upper Canada reunited with the British Conference in 1833 he was appointed Superintendent of the Indian Missions. Through his extensive travels he gave them a new impetus and proved an effective champion of native interests. He became President in 1839. An eloquent and charming man with a gift for friendship, he worked for the unity of Canadian Methodism. He withdrew from the Canadian complexities in 1842, but in 1857 was welcomed back as President of the newly amalgamated Conference. He died in Canada on 26 August 1862.

  • G.G. Findlay and W.W. Holdsworth, The History of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society (1921-1924), vol. 1

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