Tattersall, Edward William

A gifted photographer, born on 13 November 1893 at Altrincham on the Fylde coast. His health necessitated a prolonged stay on the Isle of Arran, where he realised he could make a career in photography. The first photograph he sold to both the Methodist Recorder and the Methodist Times and Leader was a mistimed flash shot of Samuel E. Keeble praying earnestly at a Methodist Peace Meeting atKingsway Hall in the 1930s. (The flash had stubbornly refused to function during the speeches!) He covered the Conference meetings for over thirty years, beginning at Birmingham in 1943. His work depicted Methodism at every level, but his special interest was people. He also enjoyed photographing the British countryside. He travelled the connexion for the Recorder, proving to be a good reporter as well as photographer. He found inspiration each year at the Cliff College Whitsuntide Anniversary, but also covered events from Christian Commando Campaigns to the Anglican-Methodist Conversations. His work is preserved not only in the pages of the Methodist Recorder, but in calendars, postcards, Christmas cards, travel books and even by a photograph of Durham in the Encyclopedia Britannica. Moving to St. Albans with the Recorder in World War II, he met his Swiss wife Marta, who also became his assistant. They became members of the Marlborough Road church, and especially of the St. Stephens Fellowship. He died at St. Albans on 13 May 1987.

  • Methodist Recorder, 31 March and 21 April 1977; 28 May 1987