Taylor, Joseph, jun.
1779-1845; e.m. 1803

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President of the ConferenceWM missionary, born at Walton, near Brampton, Cumberland, was converted by Mary Taft. He served as a WM missionary in the West Indies 1803-1811, on the islands of Tortola and St Bartholomew, where he restored the mission which had declined because of poor leadership. Returning to England, he became the first returned missionary to be appointed Resident Secretary of the WMMS, 1818-1824. He was elected President of the Conference in 1834. He died atBury, Lancs, on 19 November 1845 after a long and painful illness.

  • 'Men of Renown', in Christian Miscellany, 1858, pp.289-94
  • Wesley and his Successors (1895) pp.135-36

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