Taylor, William George
1845-1934; e.m. 1870

WM missionary to Australia, born on 18 January 1845 at Knayton, Yorks. In 1870 he answered a call for preachers in Australia and arrived in Sydney on 18 January 1871. In 1884 he was appointed to the failing York Street Church in Sydney. By using such unorthodox methods as street preaching and brass bands he revived the church and in 1886 established in it the Sydney Central Mission (the first in Australia), gradually introducing a variety of service organizations, including a mission to seamen, the Sisters of the People (forerunners of the deaconess order), Dalmar Children's Home and a shelter for 'fallen women'. He continued as Superintendent, with two short breaks, until his retirement in 1913. He was elected President of the NSW Conference in 1896. He placed great emphasis on prayer and on one occasion held a ten-day prayer meeting. Essentially an evangelist, revivals followed him wherever he went and ailing Methodist causes were renewed. He died at his Lindfield home on 24 September 1934 and was buried at Gore Hill cemetery.

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