Thom, William
1751-1811; e.m. 1774

Co-founder of the MNC, he was born in Aberdeen in September 1751 and grew up in the Church of Scotland. He joined the Methodists and became an itinerant in 1774. John Wesley included him in the Legal Hundred in 1784. Although he played no part in the disputes of the 1790s, he withdrew from WM in 1797 to join Alexander Kilham and played a large part in drafting the MNC Constitution, which bore traces of Presbyterian polity. After Kilham's death Thom became the leading figure in the new denomination. He was a careful administrator rather than a charismatic leader, but ensured the MNC's survival. He was six times President of the Conference and Book Steward 1803-1811. He died at Shooter's Hill, Staffs on 16 December 1811.

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