Tindall, Edwin Hern
fl. 1858-1883; e.m. 1858

The son of Samuel Tindall (1801- 1868; e.m. 1825) and nephew of Gervase Smith. He became assistant secretary of the WM Chapel Committee in 1872 and was promoted to its secretary 1876-1883. He wrote a biography of his father and edited the Wesleyan Methodist Atlas of England and Wales (c.1874) which he dedicated to William M'Arthur. His maps show District and circuit boundaries and the location of WM chapels at that time. In 1883 he left the ministry under a cloud, having been found guilty of embezzlement. The Minutes of that year list him as 'retired', along with four others who do not appear in the list of ministers' addresses, and thereafter he disappears from the records.

Two of his brothers were in the WM ministry: Samuel Hern Tindall (c.1837-1883; e.m. 1858) and William Hern Tindall (1838-1908; e.m. 1860). Two other brothers, both educated at Woodhouse Grove, became Anglican priests: Richard Abbey Tindall, went to Didsbury College in 1851, left the ministry by 1856, was ordained deacon in 1860 and priest in 1861 and by 1865 was rector of Cowden, Kent. George Arthur Tindall was rector of Heage, Derbyshire by 1888.

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