Tindall, Joseph
1807-1861; e.m. 1843

Missionary in South Africa. While a local preacher he left a successful business in Retford to accompany his minister Thomas Hodgson (c.1803-1882; e.m.1829) when he returned to Cape Town in 1836 as General Superintendent. He continued as both preacher and businesman until 1839, when he was asked to become catechist at Nisbett-Bath in Great Namaqualand (Namibia). There he managed a school as well as travelling extensively. He remained there after becoming an Assistant Missionary (as ministers accepted overseas were styled), made long and arduous journeys and endured considerable privations which eventually wore him out. Ill health forced him to move south in 1855 and then to take early retirement. He died at the home of his son, the Rev. Henry Tindall (1831-1909; e.m. 1852 or 1855 in South Africa).