Tomlinson, William Ernest
1877-1944; e.m. 1900

WM missionary in India. Born in Hankow, the son of the Rev. W.S. Tomlinson (born at Cockermouth, 26 March 1849; e.m. 1874; died 28 January 1931), a missionary in China. He trained at Didsbury College and served in the Mysore District from 1900, except for two years in the Kanarese Evangelical Mission in Bangalore. In 1904 he married a fellow missionary, Dorothea Vickers, who had been at Hardwicke College, Mysore since 1898. He had an unrivalled knowledge of Kanarese and taught at the Union Seminary in Tumkur. He was also for many years the District Evangelist, travelling widely in the course of his village missions, accompanied by lay evangelists whom he had trained. For the last seven years he was based at the Wesley Press in Mysore City, promoting Kanarese publications, including a weekly newspaper, Vrittanta Patrike. He strongly supported the scheme for union in South India. He died suddenly at Mysore on 29 August 1944.

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