Truscott, Thomas
1848-1888; e.m. 1871

Born on 17 April 1848 at Lifton, Devon, the son of Thomas Truscott senior (1817-1872), who was born at Chilsworthy, but later moved to Lifton. He was converted by the Bible Christians at Tifney. He moved to Carradon Town, near Liskeard, c. 1853, where he joined the WMA.

Thomas junior attended the BC chapel at Lifton.. On moving to Carradon Town, he joined the WMA and for ten years from 1871 served in English UMFC circuits. From 1881 until his death he served on the mission field in Sierra Leone. He died in Freetown on 15 November 1888. His older brother John Truscott (1841-1919; e.m. 1863) was born at Lifton on 6 December 1841. He was UMFC Connexional Secretary 1890-1891 and President in 1892. He died on 27 November 1919. A younger brother was a local preacher.

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