Turner, Nathaniel
1793-1864; e.m. 1821

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WM missionary to Australasia and the Pacific islands, born in Wybunbury, Ches., and baptized there on 10 March 1793. He was appointed to New Zealand in 1822, serving there, latterly as Superintendent in succession to William White, until forced to abandon the Wesleydale Mission in 1827. Proceeding to Tonga, to aid the failing mission, he was censured by the Missionary Committee in London for acting without authority, but his experience and resourcefulness probably saved the infant Church there. In failing health he went to Hobart in 1831, returning to New Zealand as District Chairman in 1835, following the departure of White, and had to deal with difficulties created by his predecessor. When John H. Bumby arrived as District Chairman, he returned to Australia as senior minister in both Tasmania and Sydney. He died at Toowong, Queensland on 5 December 1864. Although his health had never been robust, his obituary asserted that 'few ministers have preached the Gospel over a more extensive field.'

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