Urwin, Evelyn Clifford
1884-1978; e.m. 1907

UM minister, born on 5 January 1884 in Penzance, the son of the Rev. Archelaus Urwin (until 1901, Uren; d.1933; e.m. 1876). After training at Victoria Park College, a distinguished ministry led to his appointment as a secretary of the Temperance and Social Welfare Department, 1933-53. He was a prolific author on temperance subjects and as a speaker had a remarkable command of facts and figures on that subject. At the Methodist Church Congress in 1931 he spoke on 'Sin - its Social Issues'. He gave the 1949 Wesley Historical Society Lecture on The Significance of 1849 and wrote Religion and the Common Man (1951) and a life of Henry Carter (1955). With Douglas A. Wollen he edited John Wesley, Christian Citizen (1937). He died on 7 January 1978.

  • Methodist Recorder, 19 & 26 Jan. 1978