Vasey, Thomas
1814-1871; e.m. 1839

WM minister, born at Halifax in June 1814, the son of a WM minister of the same name (c.1779-1818; e.m. 1800). He was educated at Woodhouse Grove School. He worked as a commercial clerk and, following conversion in 1831, began to preach. Despite constant ill-health he served as a minister from 1839 to 1858, becoming Chairman of the Newcastle District. He was secretary of the WM Education Committee, 1845-1850. His evangelicalism and emphasis on holiness led James H. Rigg to describe him as 'one of the most powerful speakers in Conference' and to state: 'Perhaps Methodism never had a more original preacher'. While Superintendent of the Hackney Circuit in 1862 he gave crucial support and encouragement to the young Mark Guy Pearse's call to the ministry. He died at Harrogate on 29 September 1871.

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