Vickery, Ann (Mrs Robins)

BC itinerant. Converted at 19, she was in the active ministry despite ill health from 1820 until she married her colleague, Paul Robins in 1831. They exercised a joint ministry, and she often fulfilled preaching appointments for other itinerants, sometimes taking her baby with her. After her second child was born, a vacancy arose in Jersey which could not be filled, so she filled the appointment, taking her younger child with her and leaving the older with a friend in Plymouth. She also visited the sick and led classes and prayer meetings. With their two small sons the couple went to Canada in 1846 and despite her health she was virtually an itinerant until late 1847. Outspoken and strong-minded, she met with resistance and from 1850 is described only as a class leader. She died at Bowmanville in 1853.

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