Vine, Alfred Henry
1845-1917; e.m. 1867

WM minister, born at Sneinton, Notts. He was the son of the Rev. John Vine (1813-1871; e.m. 1836). He was educated at King Edward's School, Birmingham and King's College, London. He was a member of the committee that produced the Wesleyan Hymn-book of 1904. His hymn 'O Breath of God, breathe on us now' (HP 308) was published in his first book of poems, The Doom of Saul (1895) and appeared in both the 1904 and 1933 hymn-books, and subsequently in the books of other denominations. He was a member of the Legal Hundred 1909-1912. He retired to Woodford, Essex in 1910 and died there on 20 April 1917.