Voice of Methodism (VMA)

An association was formed in November 1963 in response to the organization of lay support for Anglican-Methodist union through 'Towards Anglican-Methodist Union' (TAMU). An inaugural meeting was held at Westminster Central Hall on 25 January 1964. Dr Leslie A. *Newman (1904-1987; e.m. 1927) was elected Chairman and A.E.D. Clipson (1902-1964; e.m. 1927) secretary. The Association's stated purpose was to defend Methodism's doctrinal standards, which were seen as under threat from the proposed union with the CofE, and to recall Methodism to its original evangelical mission. Some prominent critics of the Scheme of Union, such as Professor C. Kingsley Barrett, Harold M. Rattenbury, Professor Thomas E. Jessop and Dr Franz Hildebrandt did not join. In September 1969 the VMA contested in the High Court the Conference's approval of Stage One of the Scheme, but its contention that this was ultra vires was rejected and judgment was given against them. Following the failure of the Scheme of Union the VMA continued to work for what it saw as Methodism's true calling, partly through a periodical The Voice.

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