Waights, Kenneth Laws
1909-1984; e.m. 1931

Born on 15 May 1909 in Bournemouth, the son of the Rev. William L. Waights (1878-1966; e.m. 1904) he was educated in Edinburgh and trained for the ministry at Handsworth College. He served in the Liverpool Mission, 1941-1944, the Nottingham Mission, 1948-1957 and the Bristol Mission 1957-1962 and was Chairman] of the [[Entry:2042 Newcastle District 1966-1974. He was President of the Conference in 1971. Donald Soper wrote that 'his outstanding quality is the pastor's gift of listening, of understanding, and of being continuously expendable'. A keen Rugby player, he played for Devon County during his ministry in Exeter from 1931 to 1933. He retired to Shaftesbury, where he was Mayor in 1982-83. He died at Shaftesbury on 10 June 1984.

  • Conference Handbook, 1971