Waterhouse, Dr Eric Strickland
1879-1964; e.m. 1901

Born at Peatling Magna, Leics. He trained for the ministry at Richmond College and in 1920 returned there as tutor in Philosophy of Religion. He was Resident Tutor and Principal from 1945 to 1951. At the Methodist Church Congress in 1929 he spoke on 'The Validity of Religious Experience'. London University appointed him Professor of the Philosophy of Religion in 1931. He married a daughter of William D. Walters and their son was John W. Waterhouse.

As a railway enthusiast, he often travelled on the footplate. He was a writer and broadcaster, and a governor of Queenswood and Penrhos Schools. His publications included The Psychology of the Christian Life (1913),The Philosophy of Religious Experience (1923), The Philosophical Approach to Religion (1933) and Psychology and Pastoral Work (1939); also An ABC of Psychology for Sunday School Teachers and Bible Students (1927). He died at Epsom on 19 April 1964.

His son John W. Waterhouse was Principal of the National Children's Home.


'... Dr. Eric Waterhouse, the principal, with whom I did not get very well, who lectured in Psychology, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion and similar subjects. He said, I am told, that he could lecture in any of his subjects without being a Christian; I used to say humorously that the only thing that kept him on the straight and narrow was his passionate devotion to Charles Wesley. At prayers, when the hymn was announced, he looked at his hymn book to see what it was; if it was by Charles Wesley he did not need a book; if it was not, he was not going to sing it. He was of an irascible temper of which I was the victim once or twice.'

Oliver A. Beckerlegge, A Ministerial Life(2000) pp.109-10

  • Methodist Recorder, 16 April 1964