Wesley Banner and Revival Record

A monthly periodical edited by Samuel Dunn, this ran from 1849 to 1854, from 1852 under the title Wesley Banner and Christian Family Visitor. Contributors were named and included William Griffith and James Everett. The first issue contained little that was inflammatory, apart from 'Reasons for not signing Mr. Osborn's Declaration', protesting at a permitted declaration being turned into a compulsory test. It denied any support for such innovations as lay delegates to Conference and claimed merely to be the voice of the minority in Conference. The periodical was nevertheless condemned by the Nottingham and Derby District Meeting (of which Dunn was a member) for its 'tendency to promote strifes and divisions, and to endanger the peace of our Societies'. Among the reasons for the expulsion of Dunn and Griffith at the 1849 Conference was their refusal to discontinue its publication.

  • Samuel Dunn, Recollections of Thomas Jackson and his Acts (1873) pp.17-24
  • Benjamin Gregory, Sidelights on the Conflicts of Methodism (1898) pp.450-51, 458

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