Whittaker, Frank
1894-1961; e.m. 1920

Missionary in India, born in Oldham on 14 December 1894. He was one of three Methodists made CSI bishops in 1947 and was Deputy Moderator 1950-1952. He had worked in Hyderabad, especially in theological training and rural work, since 1922 and was a member of the Joint Committee preparing for church union from 1932. He was Secretary of the National Christian Council of India 1938-1943 and in 1943-1947 Chairman of the Hyderabad District. On retiring as Bishop of Medak in 1960 he taught briefly at the Andhra United Theological College in Dornakal before dying there on 10 December 1961.

His wife Dr Constance Whittaker (née Snowdon; 1897-1965) qualified at Manchester University Medical School, specializing in Ophthalmology and joined the staff of the Women's Work hospital at Karim Nagar, Hyderabad District, in 1922. After their marriage in 1925, as well as sharing fully in her husband's ministry, she made her own distinctive contribution as a doctor and became a deeply loved 'mother in God' to the women of the Medak Diocese. She was involved in the formation of the CSI Women's Fellowship in 1948, and after her husband's death continued to serve the Medak and Dornakal dioceses, despite crippling arthritis.

  • Methodist Recorder, 21 Dec. 1961; 21 Oct. 1965

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