Williams School of Church Music

George H.T. Williams, for many years the organist at Bethnal Green Methodist church, left his home, The Bourne, Harpenden, complete with large music room, three-manual organ and Bechstein grand piano, to be used as an ecumenical (but primarily nonconformist) school of church music. It opened in 1971 with Francis B. Westbrook as its first Principal and the participation of the MCMS, chiefly through the devoted service of Edward Jones as clerk to the foundation. A Bourne orchestra and Bourne choir were among the activities. The second Principal was Clive Bright of the London College of Music. The School closed in the 1980s and the premises now house Musicale Holidays, which trains young instrumentalists. The organ from The Bourne is in High Street Methodist Church, Harpenden.

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