Williams, Charles Kingsley
1885-1967; e.m.1909

He was educated in Birkenhead and at Merton and Mansfield Colleges, Oxford. He was chaplain at The Leys School 1909-1912; then served as Vice-Principal of Wesley College, Madras 1912-1926 and Assistant Vice-Principal of Achimota College, Gold Coast (now Ghana) 1926-1939, where he was a colleague of Dr. Aggrey. From 1941 to 1946 he was on the staff of Kingswood School during its evacuation to Uppingham. In retirement he served on the connexional Education Committee. His obituary describes him as 'impatient with prejudice and pomposity', with 'no love for officialdom', 'a man of keen intellect, but characterized by a deep humility and delightful humour.' His publications include The New Testament in Plain English (1952) and Achimota: the early years (1962). He died at Winchester on 29 November 1967.


'The New Testament in Plain English... is intended as a tool for other missionary workers. It is not meant for those whose native tongue is English, but for those who have learned Engoish as a foreign language. With this end in view, all long sentences have been avoided, and only those words are used which are included in the Interim Report on Vocabulary Selection. Where any word other than these has been demanded by the context, an explanatory note about it is added in a glossary... It is of interest to notice that the word usually translated "covetousness" appears in this missinary rendering as "exploitation".'

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