Wood, Dr Arthur Skevington
1916-1993; e.m. 1939

Born at Ashbourne (Derbys) on 21 April 1916. He trained for the ministry at Headingley College and received his doctorate at Edinburgh University for a thesis on Thomas Haweis. He travelled widely while working for the Movement for World Evangelism 1962-1970. He then joined the staff of Cliff College, becoming Principal in 1977. He was a frequent speaker at the Keswick and Southport Conventions. He gave the Drew Lectures in 1979 on Immortality and published a number of books on biblical and historical subjects, including studies of the Evangelical Revival The Inextinguishable Blaze (1960) and of John Wesley's ministry, The Burning Heart (1967). A study of the' Wesleyan responses to eighteenth-century rationalism' was published by the Wesley Fellowship in 1992 under the title Revelation and Reason. He died in Sheffield on 27 January 1993.

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