Woodward, Max Wakerley
1908-1996; e.m. 1929

Missionary in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), he was born in Sunderland on 29 January 1908, the son of Alfred Woodward (1870-1956; e.m. 1892). He trained at Handsworth College and in 1929 was posted to the South Ceylon District, where he married Margaret, daughter of A.Stanley Beaty. Returning home in 1942, he was a naval chaplain until the end of the war. He was minister at Wesley's Chapel, London 1958-1963 and wrote its history, One at London (1966). He was British Secretary of the World Methodist Council, 1964-1971. He died at Pinner on 19 April 1996.

  • Methodist Recorder, 9 May 1996