Worksop, Notts.

In 1780, on his only recorded visit, John Wesley preached to 'only a small company of as stupid people as I ever saw'. From such a beginning things could only improve, though for some years the small society struggled to survive. However, by 1813 they had built a chapel on a prominent site in Bridge Street.

PM missioned the town in 1818, but it was not until 1831 that they opened a small chapel in Newgate Street. The WM society suffered a secession to the WMA, which built its own chapel (later UMFC and UM) in Potter Street in 1837. During the second half of the century all three denominations either rebuilt or replaced their chapels, WM in 1863, UMFC in 1875 and PM in 1880. The present church was rebuilt in 1969 after the WM church had burned down.


John Wesley's Journal:

June 1780: 'I was desired to preach at Worksop; but when I came they had not fixed on any place. At length they chose a lamentable one, full of dirt and dust, but without the least shelter from the scorching sun. This few could bear; so we had only a small company of as stupid people as ever I saw.'

  • Richard Ledger, The Worksop Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, 1815-1915 (n.d.)

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